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Work better All the information and apps you need are just one click away

Adappt creates a layer over your identity provider portal. Create folders and add apps to them to develop your own structure. Find and open apps quickly, add your own applications and choose which applications you want to start automatically: You are in charge!

“We offer a complete startpage which can be personalized by every user. Start your day by opening Adappt, and close it when you're going home: It's all you need.”

Put your apps in their place

Organize your applications exactly the way you want. Add or remove folders, copy or move apps and even add your favorite websites to your applications. This way you choose which apps you want to see immediately.

Always connected

Use the Chat Plugin to show the newsfeed of your organization in Addapt. Keep your collegues up-to-date about the latest news and announcements. Or connect your SalesForce account to Adappt to create a list with all employees, so everyone can quickly contact each other.

Kickstart your company

Create a standard structure for your organization. Each new user will start with this structure, but can still change this to his likes. Don't want users to move a certain folder or app? Simply lock it and it will be kept in the same place for each user.

Identity Provider 2.0

Adappt uses the same functions your Identity Provider does: You can hide folders or applications, or launch them on login. On top of that, Adappt gives you more. For example, you can add personal apps such as websites you regularly visit.

For now, Adappt is only compatible with Okta. Others (for example OneLogin, Ping) will be added in the future. 

Adappt works cross-browser and cross-platform (also on touch-devices).

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